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Thank you for visiting the site. I hope to inspire and fuel your passion inside.  Here is my story on how I got started in fitness and what drives me to keep going!


Here's the short version...


I am a fitness professional since 2002, but fitness enthusiast all my life. I love the high I get from sweating and knowing I can walk into a gym and grab a set of dumbbells and lift right in the middle of the gym, not intimidated, not phased, or that I can pick up a surf board or go for hike at anytime because my body is that strong. I started lifting iron in my garage, trying to keep up with my four brothers. I am a tomboy at heart, but can rock the highest heels.  Being in a family of 8, we didn't travel much.  Now, I like to travel the world and show my son the endless opportunities to life!  Travel, learn, inspire, explore, teach every chance I get! Call me crazy, but I like kale smoothies over a drink at a bar.  I refer to my protein shakes and meal replacement bars as my fast food!  I prefer to be outside working out, but will never pass up 105 degree Bikram room! If you relate, read on!





Keep it simple. Your health can be complex.  Do what you can to keep it under control through prevention of clean eating and exercise. I will probably tell you things that you have already heard, but I hope to say it in a way that sticks, and in a way that makes you want to act on it and change you.  My goal is educate and inspire individuals so they learn and understand the basics, apply it to their life and goals, understand why it is important to them, to be consistent, to challenge them, and to find their balance while managing life. 


To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise
To read about my fitness journey, click below.
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