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A 6-week workout and nutrition plan designed by Dina Castillo,  a fitness professional with over 15 years of coaching and training experience!   She has helped clients lose 100lbs, compete in body building shows, run marathons, and so much more! She is confident that she can change your body and lifestyle, she will even guarantee her results!   Committ to a postive mindset and enroll in the 6-week challenge that will change your body!  This is an easy to follow workout system and meal plan to get you lean! There will only be 50 participants accepted into the program so make sure to get the interest form submitted. 


A 6-Week Workout Plan Tailored To Your Fitness Level

The 6-week workout plan is customizable to your fitness level, whether you have been working out forever and can do 20 pull-ups or you are a beginner and can't do any pull-ups. Workouts have variations so that you can modify and challenge yourself depending on your starting point.


Learn & Perfect Exercise Technique With Video Examples

You will have access to a library of exercise videos that will teach you how to properly execute each move along with the reason why it is important to your traning program and how it will help you! To ensure safety, proper progression, and accountability you will have to demonstrate the exercises and your understanding as part of your homework. 


Step-by-Step Nutrition Plan To Eat Clean & Get Lean

The key to seeing results is to learn how to properly fuel your body with the right nutrition.  Changing habits can be difficult, especially when there is little accountability and there is overwhelming amounts of information present.  Get the tools and meal plans to boost your energy,  keep you full throughout the day and  learn how eating  real and wholesome food will change your body!  With grocery lists, snack ideas and meal plans, we will take the guess work out of your nutrition plan!


Only 3 Workouts Per Week

Don't stress about fitting in hours of working out at the gym.  This program is designed to do the workouts at home or at a gym with minimal equipment.  These workouts are designed to build lean muscles while burning fat in the least amount of time possible.  I need 2.5 hours of your time each week to dedicate to your exercise plan.  Easy to follow workout plans will  keep you efficient and productive at the gym (or at home)!


Get Motivated, Be Held Accountable & Have a Supportive Community

Motivation is key to getting started.  Accountability will keep you committed.  The supportive community allows you not only to succeed, but help others with your struggles and successes.




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  • Pre/Post Weigh-In Report

  • 6-Weekly Meal Plans with Weekly Grocery List

  • 6-Week Workout Plan with Exercise Instruction

  • 2 Onsite Group Workouts

  • 2, 30 minute Phone/Skype Coaching Calls throughout the 6-weeks

  • 2 Live Group Seminars, Q&A with Coaches

  • Weekly Fitness & Nutrition Homework/Accountability

  • Guaranteed Results







6-Week Challenge

February 13-March 20, 2016

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