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I am not a fashionista or a girlie girl. I live in sweatpants and gym shoes  with a hair tie around my wrist, doubling as a bracelet like it's an accesory.  I couldn't tell you what's trending or the latest designer that  you "have to have" is.  I can tell you that I know workout clothes and training gear.  I can tell you what is comfortable, what will last, what you can sweat in, run in, lift in, practice yoga in and just run around town in.  I don't rep products or companies just to get "free stuff."  I partner with companies that I believe provide quality items and have a similar vision as myself and company. 


"I was introduced to Climawear at the IDEA Fitness Conference in Anaheim in August 2014. I purchased a few pairs of pants after trying them on and falling in love with them immediately!  The fit, the style, performance,  the colors and the shaping that it provides to my body while working out are amazing! I am a fairly new customer to Climawear, but a loyal one!   I immediately fell in with the texture, light weight material and stretchiness.  I tried on the pants and bought 2 pairs and I had to quickly put my credit card back in my wallet so I wouldn't buy the entire booth.  After my purchase, I wore the pants during the conference and have worn them every week since!  Not only do I love the way that the pants feel, but they give an unbelievable shape and accentuate my features.  Working in the fitness industry, I have worn these every week while at work, working out, inside the gym, outside the gym, sweating in them and just as lounge wear.  The feature about these items that I have noticed over the last 3 years is that they have not lost their elasticity or shape, that they have not faded in color, and they have not snagged…the quality is excellent!     I  found no other brand that is as durable, comfortable and provides the shape  that Climawear does.   Being in the fitness industry for 13 years, I live in yoga/running pants and performance gear, and I have finally found the brand for me and everyone that I work with." -Dina Castillo

Reasons We Love Climawear!
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