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Top 3 Takeaways from the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention

I am thrilled to have attended my first IDEA World Conference in Anaheim. The energy from 12,000 fitness professionals was amazing, and the knowledge and education that was shared excites me! Spending 3 full days immersed in exercise and nutrition with some of the top people in the industry has me ready to share this with all my clients. Here are my top 3 takeaways from the conference:

1. Surround Yourself

Your environment and whom you are surrounded by throughout your day has an influence on who you are, what you do or do not do, and how you react. Being around 12,000 like minded individuals who crave the endoprhin rush after a set of push-ups or the newest way to get your heart rate up and body sweating, or the newest look for sweat pants is contagious! You couldn't help but want to learn and improve your skills to help others. Sometimes you need to let others go to allow for more of what and who you want around you to let in.

2. Never Stop

In a field that is always evolving and researching, you can never stop learning. Twelve years of being iin the industry and everyday I learn something new. My clients, co-workers, and research all keep me on my toes to keep the education present and to fuel the mind with new and different ways of doing thing.

3. Fuel Your Passion

This was the tag line for this year's conference and I can't help but steal it. I love what I do and if anyone ever questions that, it is time for me to find a new path. I am told that I am loud and yell, but I think it is just my enthusiasm and passion to share and excite others about their body and their fitness. It is my job to share my passion to fuel others!


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