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A Little Sweet, A Little Crunch...

What's vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavored with a thin crispy wafer? There's a light layer of frosting filled sweetness and a bland wafer crunch to give you just enough flavor to curb that sweet tooth. It's light in taste leading you to probably devour an entire package of them because they are not overly sugary. Do you remember these neapolitan wafer cookies? I do! These were a rare treat in my house growing up. My mom refused to buy them because the second they entered the house they disappeared (I swear I didn't eat them all, I have 5 other siblings) !


While there is no nutritional value in eating these, they were definitely a childhood treat that I loved! So, why I am blogging about a wafer cookie from 25 years ago? Well, let me tell you!

I was walking into the gym and needed a little fuel before my lift. All the bars looked the same and I didn't want that chocolate coated chalky taste, but something light that I could eat right then and that wouldn't sit in my stomach. I grabbed a PowerCrunch protein energy bar and was ready to lick the wrapper clean. I immediately thought, OMG this is the neopolitan wafer cookie! The crunch, the light sweetness, flakiness of the bar and the taste!

So on my way out of the gym I had to pick up a stash for future pre or post workouts, obviously!

However, I grabbed a different flavor on accident and initially was disappointed that I didn't get the vanilla . I opened it up and was in consumption heaven, by far this is my favorite bar at the moment! Peanut Butter flavor, Power Crunch, an absolute game changer for sure!


I couldn't wait to share this bar with my former college teammate and the person who challenges me to up my game everyday! I start describing the bar to her and she immediately connects them to the wafer cookies! Don't take my word, grab one today and no I am not sponsored by them, I just love them!

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