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Eight years ago my good friend/workout partner/teammate in college came into town for a visit. We naturally got a few workouts in and she is always up for challenging me. She has been my training partner for the last 18 years and not just for workouts, but for life. She is my accountability friend! Every year her and I set our goals; financially, physically, career, family and whatever else we feel like tackling that year. We have our check-ins and hold each other accountable for what we set out to do.

On a visit eight years ago, we did a little shopping and visited the NIKE store on Michigan Avenue. We checked out every floor and the latest and greatest of workout gear (you really cannot ever have enough tanks, hoodies, sweats, right?). The store set the tone with the pumped up music from the minute we stepped inside, the banners hanging on the walls with sponsored athletes looking tenacious and strong making us feel like we could join their workout and wanting us to tap into our inner athlete! While checking out the store, there was a huge banner taking up the entire wall. This banner featured a fitness professional working out. This was a strong, fit, healthy and unstoppable female athlete. She inspired me just seeing her photo and her strength, her perseverance in her eyes and the determination to succeed. I looked at my friend and said “I want to be a fitness model.”

I didn’t want to be a model, but a strong presence in the fitness world. A person that would inspire others to get out of their comfort zone, live life, realize the importance of their physical and mental health, and tackle the voice inside their head that said that either they could do it or couldn’t do it. A person that wouldn’t just talk a good game, but live it! A person that others could see that things just didn’t happen or get lucky, but happened because they worked their butt off! A person that wanted something and went after it! I am grateful to say that 8 years later that goal that was on my list in 2008 has been checked off the list. I don’t even like saying that it’s checked off because things are just getting started! I am thankful for Climawear for believing in me and allowing me to share my passion and live a fit life! My clients inspire me to keep learning, training, and setting goals! So state your goals, write them down, announce to someone, anyone, everyone and go after it! #nooneisgoingtodoitforyou #setthebar

Check out my feature on Climawear!

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