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Lift or Cardio?

It’s a chilly spring morning and the thought of going to the gym last night when you were setting your alarm seemed like a great idea. However, as you snuggle under the blankets lying in bed, staying there and hitting snooze again sounds like an even better idea. However, as a Climawear workout enthusiast, you head out the door and into the gym.

As if getting to the gym wasn’t a challenge in itself, once we get there, we start to wonder what our workout for the day is? We have the option to become a cardio queen and sweat away hundreds of calories while flipping through our phones to find music, read texts, check social media, and zone out catching up on the latest with the Kardashians (hey, anything to pass this cardio sesh along)! Or, you could just venture over into that area where the guys are grunting, standing right in front of the mirror so no one else can grab a dumbbell, and stare you down as if you have a clue of what you are doing. Sounds inviting, right?

Well, guess what, I’m that chick. Usually the sole one that is right in between all those beefy muscle guys in the free weight section. Yes, sometimes I am in an unfamiliar setting and I don’t know the layout, not sure where everything is located, or I haven’t been on that particular brand of machine. I get it, you feel like all eyes are on you as you wander around finding the machine of choice, or even as you adjust the settings. You start to think, what if I am on this machine backwards? Or am I even doing this right? So, you head back over to the familiar elliptical and start your cardio workout.

Instead of heading back to the familiar cardio section or wandering aimlessly through all the weights, let’s learn what to do in the weight training area of the gym! As a Climawear Ambassador, I am here to help guide you. All you need is two things: 1) confidence 2) a plan/a workout. Throw on your Climawear gear, rock your look, and own your workout. Tell the guys to move on over and make room for you, you have a pump session to get in! Many times I have been asked “Are you on that machine?” “Are you using that?” with an eye roll and sense of sarcasm. I always tell them that they can “work in” with me (aka sharing), and nine times out of ten they move along. Now if it’s a cute guy...let’s maybe ask for a spot!

All kidding aside, learn the layout of the gym. Get comfortable with where things are located. Try adding in one or two new exercises each time you are there. If you aren’t sure how to work a machine, ask a trainer at the gym. Maybe even work with them for a few sessions so you get a better understanding of why you are doing that exercise, what muscles you are working, and most importantly learn the proper technique and progressions. The more you know, the more confident you will be!

Stay tuned for more workouts, videos, and blogging!

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