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Program design for  athletic performance. Power, strength, speed, endurance, mobility, recovery, injury prevention, and nutrition to take you to another level of competition


Overhead Squat Assessment

Each participant will start with an overhead squat assessment and will be evaluated on their probable over and under active muscles. This information will provide insight on movement dysfunctions, weaknesses, imbalances, and compensation patterns that could be causing injury and limiting performance.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercises will be programmed to activate and strengthen weak muscles. Tight and overused muscles will be stretched and released. Creating a balance between these muscles can help prevent future injuries.

Strength & Conditioning

Participants will learn foundational and olympic barbell lifts to build strength, power and overall athletic performance. 

Starts June 6th

Limited to 12 particiipants

Registration opens Febraury 1st

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Summer Camps

Limited to 4 participants per session

June 13-June 29

July 11-July 27

Private & Partner Coaching 

By Appointment

Olympic Lifting Clinic

Limited to 20 participants

Summer 2023: Details TBA

Training Sessions

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